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“I've been teaching for a long time. This is the first year I haven’t had kids complain about finding information. It is in Questia School, no matter how difficult or narrow the subject matter. It is like a new world opened at their fingertips. Questia School is user friendly for the student AND the teacher. The students love that it helps them cite their work automatically. At this point, I can't imagine assigning research papers without Questia School.”

Jeanne Ehn, Teacher, BCLUW High School, Conrad, Iowa

“Questia School makes it easy for me to find resources in a convenient manner. I love having such a large collection of online books, magazines, and journal articles at my fingertips. Questia School is easy to pull up on any computer, so I don’t have to carry books to and from school, and I can also highlight online which allows me to save time and effort.”

Student, Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC

“I think that the amount of on-line, full-text material available is one key benefit of Questia School. When using other on-line databases they do not have full text, but only abstracts. Another excellent tool in Questia School is the ability to keep articles organized in different project folders. Also, the ability to create automatic bibliographies and citations, highlight text and take notes is amazing!”

Cari Teske, LIbrary Media Specialist, BCLUW High School, Conrad, Iowa

“In using Questia School in my classes, I have found the service impressive. The students appreciate the ease with which they can navigate the site, as well as the powerful applications available to them in their research. All have commented on how nice it is to find information, organize it, cite it, return to it, and record it in the proper place. It has become central to their research process.”

Jane Polittle, IB Coordinator, Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC

“Questia School has opened up to our students a world of quality resources all at the college level that up until now was not easily available to them. It truly has been an invaluable resource in all IB curriculum areas. In particular, we have found it to be an excellent source of quality material for students writing their Extended Essay, IB History of the Americas Historical Investigations and various World Literature Papers.”

Robert Buonaspina, IB Coordinator, Locust Valley High School, Locust Valley, New York

“Our students have said that they appreciate the wide variety of resources available in Questia School, especially the journal articles. They love the ability to bookmark or save portions of their work in their own project folders for later access at home. It is so convenient to have all the tools and resources in one place. It is their first destination for research.”

Lee Roe-Etter, IB Coordinator, Turner Fenton Secondary School, Ontario, Canada

Large library of quality content

Search more than 83,000 cover-to-cover cross-curricular books.

We have original works like The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, The Red Badge of Courage, Pride & Prejudice, and more.

Questia School includes content from over 1,000 of the world’s leading publishers, including Oxford University Press, McGraw-Hill, Cambridge University Press, and Elsevier.

Research and paper writing tools

Student tools include highlighting, note taking, bookmarks and project folders.

Automatically generated citations and bibliographies in MLA, APA or Chicago format drives focus to content, not commas.

Librarian-selected topic pages provide great resource lists or starting points for papers.

New! Use these tools on any book, article, or website with our Questia browser extension!

How to Write a Research Paper

With tools to help you find a topic idea, create a thesis statement, build an outline, plus a 9-step writing guide and helpful research tutorials, Questia School can walk you through the research paper writing process.
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