Questia School extensions and plugins

Check out our selection of extensions and plugins below for your favorite internet browsers, and see how we can help you research anywhere on the web.

Use Questia School's research tools for any source

Paid subscribers to Questia School can save research, take notes, create citations and bibliographic references from any online source into your Questia School project folders. You'll be able to keep all your research in one place while benefiting from the power of Questia School's research tools. Use the Manual Citation Tool within your projects folders or one of our browser extensions.

Free download
Free download

Create notes and bookmarks

Take notes on other sources, such as websites or online books and articles. Or bookmark a site into your project folder for later reference.

Cite pages and passages

Cite an entire page of an online book, or a specific passage from an article, and save them in the style of your choice - MLA 8, MLA 7, APA, or Chicago, Notes/Bib.

Generate bibliographies

Automatically generate your bibliography using both research items from Questia's library, and now external sources too.

  1. While browsing the internet, type questiaschool in the address bar of Google Chrome, and you’ll see a prompt to press the tab button to search Questia School.
  2. Press the TAB button and then just type in your search terms.
  3. Pressing enter will take you over to and show you the results of your search.
  1. From any website, just type your search terms into the field, click on the magnifying glass, and click the Questia School icon to run your search.
  2. Click on Change Search Settings if you’d like to make Questia School the default search option.


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